【andew TV Broadcast】 Organic specialty store BIOSOPRA appears in a TV featured on NHK World's "BIZ STREAM"

The organic specialty store "natural style BIO SOPRA Tokyo" appeared on NHK World's "BIZ STREAM" from 23:10 to 23:40 on Saturday, July 15, 2023, featuring andew, the kindest chocolate in the world.


With the vision of "a world where patients and the people around them coexist with illness, understand each other, and work hand in hand," andew is a chocolate for patients with intractable diseases, but it is also filled with the desire to create something that can be shared and enjoyed together.

The meaning of andew is to eat with you. "and you = andew ".
Based on the idea that there are no borders between patients and healthy people, between Japan and the rest of the world, they plan to expand their business to the rest of the world in the future.

The kindest chocolate in the world is not just chocolate, but chocolate made with 8 kinds of nutritious ingredients. They want patients who have a sore mouth and cannot eat well to enjoy good nutrition! With this in mind, andew is made with great care and attention.

BIO SOPRA, an organic specialty store located in Tokyo's Shiodome Italian Street, has collaborated with Nakamura, founder of the kindest chocolate in the world andew, after being impressed by his passion.
In September 2022, BIO SOPRA started its first permanent over-the-counter sales in Tokyo. It is a popular product and selling well, and our staff is happy that andew is reaching many people.

BIOSOPRA wants to be a HUB that offers not only new products but also stories and a place to meet people. We aim to be a store that can provide "encounters" for spending a high-quality, heart-fluttering daily life.

Bio Sopra also offers "andew" with a handwritten message. If you are looking for a "gift" to express your gratitude to your loved ones, we also offer a service to fill in your original message at the store. Please feel free to stop by.

■The Collaboration Project between andew, the kindest chocolate in the world, and BIOSOPRA, an organic specialty store (Japanese).
[Special Talk] The birth of andew, the kindest chocolate in the world
Collaboration project between andew, the kindest chocolate in the world, and natural style BIO SOPRA Tokyo

Shiodome Italia-gai

Shiodome Italia-gai is a fashionable Italian-inspired district that has been used as a location for movies and TV dramas, and is also a famous dating spot in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

We have a map of the Shiodome Italia-gai area. Please make use of this map when strolling around the Italia-gai area.
The "Shiodome Italia-gai Area Map" is divided into three categories: retail specialty stores, cafes/restaurants, and hotels.
The map includes stores and hotels that incorporate a playful, adult Italian style that matches the Italian Street.

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